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OnLine Payment Page

RC Storage Rentals Online Account Payment.  A small  additional charge is added to cover online payment methods. (i.e. $50.00 Unit is $52.08) Use only if you are making a payment before the 10th of the month and you are current or ahead on your account with no late fees. If the amount that you presently pay is not listed on this page, please do not use the method of pay. You may add multiples of these amounts to reflect the amount you would like to pay including the late fees. If you would like to use this method for payment but have a question about the amount please call our attendant for instructions for payment by using the contact page. If you would like to make a Credit/Cebit card payment please contact or Attendant at 573-366-6828 with your card information. There is a 4% processing fee on Credit/Debit card use. If you would like to be added to our EMI (E Mail Invoicing) method please contact our office for details.

Thanks for your on time payment.